The menu of the day is available to the guests who choose to take advantage of the dinner at the holiday farm: simple but accurate cuisine, based on 0 km raw materials, of its own production or locally sourced, characterises the dishes prepared by Mara; the menus of the day offer a true local cuisine, made up of dishes typical of the Trasimeno area, a middle ground between the territories of Tuscany and Umbria, from which the various dishes take inspiration and form, respecting the true tradition of agritourism hospitality.

The Casa di Campagna is in fact also a small farm which houses farm animals and a large vegetable garden in the beautiful season, which you can admire in the back of the house; the culinary proposal of the holiday farm wants to be as close as possible to the territoriality of the place, respecting its times and peculiarities; thus in January it will be difficult to savour a tomato or a zucchini from the garden, but they will abound in August, making you rediscover the authentic flavours of genuine products grown according to the rhythms that the earth imposes by its nature.
You can also bring with you, when the seasonality of the crops allows it, the memory of these flavours in vegetable preserves, fresh tomato purees, or preserves that Mara prepares according to traditional recipes. The menus of Mara are also adaptable to all needs: on request there are vegetarian menus or suitable for particular allergies and intolerances, which you are kindly asked to report when booking.